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Teen Fellowship

teen fellowship

We had a blast with the teens this past Sunday evening. Pastor Threlfall challenged them to follow the example of Christ in Luke 2:52 ("And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man"). He also emphasized our goal for spiritual growth in the youth group--to become 1) God-loving, 2) Word-filled, 3) ministry-minded 4) disciple-makers.

By the way, why do we try to make youth group fun for the teens? It's certainly not so we can do the old bait-and-switch--bait them with a fun game, then switch it with the Bible. Instead, we have found over and over again that friendly competition and hilarious icebreakers can go a long way toward building relationships, breaking down barriers, so that teens are more receptive toward the Word of God. Ministry happens through relationships, and fun shared experiences are just one way we seek to build these relationships.

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